You may have guessed it from our name, but our inspiration is Buenos Aires, and the classic confiterias that we knew when we were growing up and fabulous parillas where the meat was succulent and wine flowed freely. We wanted to create somewhere you could hang out and relax with family and friends, where you could eat good quality, affordable food, and above all where you could find great steaks, pizza and pasta – just like the best places in Buenos Aires.

Our food is made with passion – and of course genuine Argentinian beef. We think the closer to home food is made or sourced the better, but we also reckon that Argentinian beef is the best in the world by some way. Argentinian cows feed on the sweet grass of the Pampas, which produces meat that is flavoursome, succulent and low in cholesterol.

Argentina is an oddball among South American countries, populated by immigrants from Spain and Italy, and with a cuisine that derives partly from its Mediterranean influences, jumbled together in a uniquely Argie mix. We don’t only serve steak, but great pizzas and pasta dishes too, along with chorizo and empanadas made in the kitchen by our chefs to our own recipes. We reckon they taste better that way.We only use Argentinian beef, and many say that this is the best in the world. There are several reasons for this. It’s sourced from the finest Herefordshire and Angus cattle, which were introduced in the early nineteenth century by the British.

Our wine list is perhaps uniquely made up only of wines from Argentina, which produces more wine than any other country in South America and is the fifth largest wine producer in the world, Despite that, the quality is high, and the diversity – as you might expect in a large a country with such a varied climate – unrivalled. Join us for one of our regular wine-tastings.